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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Oct 31, 2016

Happy Halloween listeners! To celebrate this year The Gribshnobler has created another massive music special. After sharing a few moody tunes by some of his friends in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, & North Carolina, he then showcases some of his favorite dark ambient music. Musicians and bands in this episode include: Lunar Kin, Electric Bird Noise, Waft, M is We, Planet Cock, The Harvest, Small Life Form, Attrition, Aether Pilot, Zalys, Beyond Life, Phantasm Nocturnes, Lunar Womb, Body 13, Crowhurst, Дом Вдовы (House of Widow), Coldnight, Cold Womb Descent, Muldeponie, Aureole, and Bull of Heaven (including a snippet of a conversation with member Clayton Counts).

Update 11/02/16: Links for Beyond Life and Phantasm Nocturnes have been added below

Several of the artists showcased are available through Silber Media on bandcamp and their main website:


Music and Links for this episode:


1. Lunar Kin: Phantom Satellite (6:52)

from the upcoming EP Escaping Velocity

Check out Lunar Kin on Facebook and Soundcloud


2. Electric Bird Noise: Moments Like Last Night Make Me Wanna Believe in Ghosts (2:54)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween


3. Electric Bird Noise: thgie ytnewt (3:15)

from the upcoming album The Spider - The Christ Child - The Crow

Electric Bird Noise on Bandcamp and Silber Media


4. Waft: Eternal Sigh (4:57)

from the album Chronolith

Check out Waft on Facebook and Bandcamp


5. M is We: You Can’t Get Back (3:03)

from an upcoming split with Thorn1

Check out M is We on Silber Media and Bandcamp


6. Planet Cock: Haunted House Song (3:11)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween

Check out Planet Cock on Bandcamp


7. The Harvest: Die/Carnival (3:48)

Check out The Harvest on Facebook


8 & 9. Small Life Form: Lost Kisses #8 (4:24) & Lost Kisses – Extras (0:26)

from the album Lost Kisses Soundtrack

Check out Small Life Form and download Lost Kisses from Silber Media

Buy the Lost Kisses DVD here:


10. Attrition: What Shall I Sing? (6:10)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween

Check out Attrition on Bandcamp


11. Aether Pilot: Sector 8 (3:04)

from the album Maps of the Unknown I


12. Aether Pilot: Cymatic Radioseries (2:29)

from the album Array

Check out Aether Pilot on Facebook, Bandcamp, & Soundcloud


13 & 14. Zalys: The Post Modern Prometheus (X-Files / Mark Snow Cover) (1:51) & JJ’s Diner (X-Files / Mark Snow Cover) (1:49)

from the EP The Haunted Moon


15. Zalys: Lux in Tenebris (8:41)

from the album Lux in Tenebris

Check out Zalys on Facebook and Bandcamp


16. Beyond Life: Murder (3:33)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

Check out Beyond Life on Facebook and Bandcamp


17. Phantasm Nocturnes: Astro Eunuchs (4:33)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

Check out Do What Thou Wilt Records on Bandcamp

Check out Phantasm Nocturnes on Facebook and Bandcamp

Expressionism Noir on Bandcamp


Preview video for Mechanical Souls on Youtube:


Preview video for Expressionism Noir:


19. Lunar Womb: Through Ages (6:46)

from the album The Sleeping Green

Henri Sorvali on Bandcamp


20. Body 13: Where Fear Is (22:18)

from the album Where Fear Is

Body 13 on Facebook, and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


21. Crowhurst: Fire in the Sky (10:11)

from the album The Lightbearer Returns

Crowhurst on Facebook and Bandcamp


22. Дом Вдовы (House of Widow): Аврелия (unofficial version) part II (14:50)

from the album The Old Winter (compilation)

Дом Вдовы (House of Widow) on Bandcamp


23. Coldnight: Dawn of Forgotten Souls (8:20)

from the album Waterfall of Suicides

Check out Coldnight on Facebook, and the label Depressive Illusion Records


24. Cold Womb Descent: Solace Within the Cold Steel (5:39)

from the album Apocatastasis

Check out Cold Womb Descent on Facebook and Bandcamp


25. Müldeponie: La Traversée Des Âges Pt. I - L'Âge Sombre (Album Version) (8:48)

from the album Through The Shadow War (Part. I)

Müldeponie on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube


27. Aureole: V – Alunar, Decrepit… (10:44)

from the album Alunar

Check Out Aureole on Facebook and Bandcamp

Purchase their split with Mare Cognitum on Vinyl here:


28. Bull of Heaven: Mysterious Signals from Glowing Orbs (28:48)

from the album #076 - Mysterious Signals from Glowing Orbs

Check out Bull of Heaven on

Main website:


seven and a half years ago

Thank you for your question. I believe your first comment didn't appear right away simply because I have to approve comments first (I'll see if I can change that). To answer your question: Yes, I will be releasing the full conversation in two parts, paired with more Bull of Heaven music. My intent is to have the first part out this December.

Sad Panda
seven and a half years ago

Can we maybe get the full conversation with Clayton Counts?
That would be wonderful!
(i guess my previous comment disappeared, if not, sorry)

Sad Panda
seven and a half years ago

Can we maybe get the full conversation with Clayton Counts?
Would be wonderful!