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Jul 31, 2015

In this episode I am joined by musician Rand Kelly to discuss the recently passed Chris Squire, an amazing bass player and major force behind the progressive rock band Yes.  Ultimately we ended up talking about every Yes album ever (though without losing sight of Squire's contributions to each one) and the discussion went on for so long that I had to split the episode into two parts.  In part 1 we go from Yes' self-titled debut, up to Relayer, and top it off with Chris Squire's solo album Fish Out of Water.  Also included is more wonderful music by Squire fan John Demarkis, and a tribute statement from The Musika Family.

New to Chris Squire? Check out this amazing tribute from Roman's World:

Also be sure to check out The Gribshnobler's appearance in this episode:

Chris Squire Tribute Sung by The Musika Family

Get all of John Demarkis' music from

Demarkis Songs included are "Johnny Quest", "Piece of Peace", "Island Hopping", and "Somethings Will Change"

You can subscribe to Progtopia and The Prog Squad through itunes or check them out here:

Here is the early rehearsal version of Turn of The Century.

You can also watch Chris Squire and Steve Howe on The Old Grey Whistle Test: Part 1 and Part 2.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for part 2 of Chris Squire: The Remembering, coming soon.