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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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May 9, 2018

In our newest music special you can hear a variety of tunes, from lo-fi live recordings captured right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to atmospheric black metal & post-rock from Russia, Indie Goth Rock from North Carolina, Progressive Rock from the UK, Experimental Electronic music, Gypsy Punk, Folk Punk, CowPunk, lots of accordion, Dark Ambient from Australia, Avant Garde musicians from Argentina and more!  You'll also get to hear brand new live and studio tracks from Aggressive Patients, a new (ish) Post-Punk - Improv - Spoken Word band featuring LadyMsGee, A. J. Rownd, Penny Rimbaud, and the Gribshnobler himself (who also shares some new solo work).  Remaining Artists and Bands featured include Jonathan Fraser, John Demarkis, T. C. Costello, M is We, Miss Mousie and the Rigamarole, Tower of Dudes, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, Kaprekar's Constant, Body 13, GAMESHARK™, Fraticornicos, Seymour, Tré Roland, Noosefiller, Q'uq'umatz, Autumn's Kingdom, A Light in the Dark, Blurry Lights, Hiki, Electric Bird Noise, Feel No Other, Small Life Form, and Flowers for Bodysnatchers.

Note: this episode has an explicit rating due to some explicit lyrics.

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Music in this Episode


1. Jonathan Fraser: Apparitions of Enlightenment (feat. Jeremy Schultz) (12:16)

from the album Stendhal: Tragedy of the Journeyman

Jonathan Fraser on FacebookSoundcloudYoutube, and Bandcamp.


2. M is We: Dirt & Trees (4:26)

3. M is We: Cleanse (3:14)

from the album Oceans

M is We on BandcampFacebook and Silber Media

M is We on Silber Media's website:


4. T. C. Costello: The Post-Truth Polka (1:55)

from the single Mafia Punk


5. T. C. Costello: How to Have a Good Time in the Afterlife (3:01)

6. Miss Mousie and the Rigamarole: Dumpsters and Divebars (3:11)

7. Tower of Dudes: We're Alright (2:01)

8. Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands: The End (5:20)

from the album The 2017 Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival Compilation

T. C. Costello on Facebook and Bandcamp

Miss Mousie on Facebook and Youtube

Tower of Dudes on Facebook and Bandcamp

Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and


9. John Demarkis: The Wonder of You (3:37)

10. John Demarkis: Until Tomorrow (4:10)

from the album Wacky World


11. John Demarkis: All Around Us (4:48)

12. John Demarkis: You Will See (3:50)

from the album The Light

John Demarkis on BandcampSoundcloud and Youtube

Purchase the album Imagine That on CDBaby and Amazon


13. Kaprekar's Constant: HALLSANDS (14:33)

from the album Fate Outsmarts Desire

Purchase on CD or Vinyl from Amazon

Kaprekar's Constant on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and

UK Tour in June


14. Aggressive Patients: The Flashlight Ladies (1:23)

15. Aggressive Patients: TV Time (2:09)

16. Aggressive Patients: Visitor's Day (Live) (10:35)

17. Aggressive Patients: Mind Your Own Business - Delta Five cover / Rice Cake Girl (rehearsal recording) (5:49)

Aggressive Patients on Soundcloud:


18. Body 13: There His Bark Be Firmly Anchored, Rested in His Boat of Copper (Part 3) (3:27)

19. Body 13: There His Bark Be Firmly Anchored, Rested in His Boat of Copper (Part 6) (1:55)

from the album #162: There His Bark Be Firmly Anchored, Rested in His Boat of Copper

Body 13 on FacebookBandcamp, and 


20. GAMESHARK™: Isolate (2:21)

from the album SHARK 2 パラサイトシングル


21. GAMESHARK™: F**k (4:49)

from the album SHARK 3 ネットフリックスとチル


22. GAMESHARK™: Surreptitious (5:53)

from the album SHARK 4 お歯黒 (QRP002) (available from Quanta Records)

GAMESHARK™ on Facebook and Bandcamp


23. Electric Bird Noise: Silber Records Showcase - Live 4-6-18  (12:16)

Previously Unreleased

Electric Bird Noise on BandcampFacebookYoutube, and Silber Records

Silber Records on Bandcamp:


24. The Gribshnobler: Expendable Pants (1:59)

25. The Gribshnobler: I Called the Lobster Bobo (3:27)

Previously Unreleased

The Gribshnobler on BandcampSoundcloudInstagram, and Twitter


26. Fraticornicos: El escatologo (3:21)

27. Fraticornicos: Alpedistas ancestrales (3:12)

from the album Disco Enfermo


28. Fraticornicos: Marcha de la bronca (4:02)

from the album Mortal Morral Reverdecido


29. Fraticornicos: Yo Soy Un Clown (3:18)

from the album Brilla tu gerente loco


30. Fraticornicos: Alborada de albinos (5:59)

from the album Albino Album

Fraticornicos on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud

Avant-Garde Argentino:


31. Aliens (Painful Intermission) (1:34)

32. Biology Blues (3:38)

from the album Seymour II


33. Colapso Mental (0:24)

34. Electronic Part (2:05)

from the album Seymour


35. Psycodelic Scene (8:59)

from the album Live at the CDM Museum (First Anniversary Concert)

Seymour on Bandcamp


36. Tré Roland: Ȇ (19:39)

from the EP Ȇ

Tré Roland on FacebookBandcampSoundcloudYoutube, and Twitter

Tré Roland remixes Fraticornicos - Onda Nada Recomendada: Nueva Version Remixada


37. Noosefiller: The Giant (8:46)

from the album Noosefiller

Noosefiller on Facebook and Bandcamp


38. Q'uq'umatz: Tlachihualtepetl (11:49)

from the album Kukulkan

Q'uq'umatz on Bandcamp


39. Autumn's Kingdom: As A Lonely Raven (8:59)

from the album Autumn's Kingdom

Autumn's Kingdom on Facebook

Also available on iTunes


40. A Light in the Dark: Alone (7:08)

from the album A Long Journey Home

A Light in the Dark on Facebook and Bandcamp


41. Blurry Lights: Sakura Leaves (5:49)

from the album Dreamwaves

Blurry Lights on Facebook and Bandcamp


42. Hiki: Skygaze 2065 (3:21)

from the album Closer

Hiki on Facebook and Bandcamp

You can check out all of the other projects of B.M on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Youtube


43. Feel No Other: Silber Records Showcase - Live 4-6-18 (17:54)

Previously Unreleased

Feel No Other on Facebook and Silber Records


44. small life form: sleeping leopard (11:20)

from the album alive


45. small life form: Silber Records Showcase - Live 4-6-18 (10:36)

Previously Unreleased

Small Life Form on Facebook and Silber Records

Silber Records on Bandcamp:


46. Flowers for Bodysnatchers: Automne (7:07)

47. Flowers for Bodysnatchers: L'amour a Mort (2:52)

from the album Automne


48. Flowers for Bodysnatchers: To the Loveless (7:15)

from the album Love Like Blood


49. Flowers for Bodysnatchers: And There is a Darkness (9:48)

from the album Aokigahara

Flowers for Body Snatchers on FacebookYoutube, and Bandcamp

Cryo Chamber on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, TwitterBandcamp, and