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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Oct 30, 2019

Happy Halloween from The GribCast! Listen up for 5 hours of creepy tunes and stuff.  Hear some eerie indie rock from The Casket Girls.  Beware of the Silber Media Sounds of Halloween.  Behold the majesty of a brand new Fraticornicos album along with the horror of a simulated Q&A. Gaze upon to the conjoined covers of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence. Not even the murky music of Vampire Step-Dad can save you this time. If you make it to the chilling end, you will experience Synthwave, Darkwave, Ghostwave, Experimental Electronic music, Field Recordings, Dark Ambient, Atmospheric Black Metal, and some good old-fashioned Noise.  Other bands and musicians in this episode include: God in a Cone, Lycia, Promute, Small Life Form, Rachel Goldstar, Ethereal Delusions, Europaweite Aussichten (feat. Full Eclipse), Attrition, The New Schwansteins, Determinist?, Filmy Ghost, Carl Kruger, CHANGES TO blind, PHANTASM NOCTURNES, Trouble Salad, Body 13, Krukh, HWWAUOCH, Lumnos, Дом Вдовы (House of Widow) feat. A.T.M.O.M., The Rosenshoul, and Lee Rosevere.

Come see Aggressive Patients, Fabulous Bird, Electric Bird Noise, The Phil Fox Explosion, treyverb, and Heavy for the Vintage on Nov. 29th in Myrtle Beach!


1. The Casket Girls: Beyond a Shadow (3:53)

2. The Casket Girls: Night Machines (4:45)

from the album The Night Machines

The Casket Girls on Facebook

Find The Casket Girls and other great bands at Graveface Records and Curiosities


3. God in a Cone: Will of Diamonds (3:25)

4. God in a Cone:  Νερο (4:21)

from the album Passing

God in a Cone on Facebook and Youtube

Music video for Νερο:


5. Lycia: The Dreaming Body (4:36)

6. Promute: Rise Up (4:08)

7. Small Life Form: What’s Your Real Name? (5:06)

8. Rachel Goldstar: Amsterdam (5:54)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween

Lycia on Facebook and Bandcamp

Small Life Form on Facebook and Silber Records

Silber Media on bandcamp and


9. Ethereal Delusions: Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) (4:37)

from the single Enjoy the Silence


10.  Ethereal Delusions: Ghost in the Code (3:44)

from the single Ghost in the Code

Ethereal Delusions on BandcampFacebookInstagram and Twitter


11. Vampire Step-Dad: Down in Your Cellar (3:06)

12. Vampire Step-Dad: Inside Your Head (6:24)

from the album Songs to Haunt a House Too

Vampire Step-Dad on BandcampFacebookInstagram, Soundcloud, & Youtube 

Watch Connected on Amazon


13. Europaweite Aussichten: Sisters of the Wind (feat. Full Eclipse)

from the single Sisters of the Wind

Europaweite Aussichten on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Youtube

Full Eclipse on BandcampFacebookTwitter, and Soundcloud


14. Attrition: The Mouthless Dead (4:55)

from the album Millions of The Mouthless Dead

Attrition on Facebook and Bandcamp


15. Attrition: Transylvania Nights. Bala. August 2018 (5:01)

16. The New Schwansteins: Fatal Eggs (2:34)

17.  Determinist?: Violence and Domesticity (for Abbas Akhavan) (2:47)

from the compilation August Fields 2019 - Complete Collection

Silber Media on bandcamp and


18. Filmy Ghost: A PøssΞssiøn (1:38)

19. Filmy Ghost:  Ghostwave (feat D4rk3r Side) (2:16)

from the album Ghostwave [WTS64]


20. Filmy Ghost: Labyrinth of Silhouettes (feat Mist Spectra) (3:55)

from the album Inner Senses


21.  Fraticórnicos: Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) (3:48)

from the single Enjoy the Silence/In the Air Tonight


22. Fraticórnicos: All Out of Love (Air Supply cover) (3:55)

from the album Single sampler semimberbe


23. Fraticórnicos: Acto II – Kaukura (12:35)

24. Fraticórnicos: Acto III (excerpt) (6:08)

25. Fraticórnicos: Acto I (excerpt) - Dueto Casio-reposera (2:33)

26. Fraticórnicos: Acto IV (excerpt) – Si hay esperanza… (3:06)

from the album Forunculo de verano (also features Tre Roland, John Demarkis, & Tony DeSimone)

Fraticornicos on Facebook and Soundcloud

Avant-Garde Argentino:


27. Carl Kruger: Feed FWD (10:01

from the album Feed FWD (Hermitage Tapes, 2012)

Carl Kruger on Bandcamp and Soundcloud


28. CHANGES TO blind: Droneuary XVII - Tolerating Destruction (10:47)

from the compilation Droneuary 2019

CHANGES TO blind on Bandcamp and



from the album Black Philip


30. PHANTASM NOCTURNES: Hellseeker (10:55)

from the album Terror Anthology Vol. 1

Phantasm Nocturnes on Facebook and Bandcamp


31. Trouble Salad: The Obligatory Silence of Elevators (5:40)

from the album Heaving


32. Trouble Salad: Indicating Dark Water (16:34)

from the album Thype

Trouble Salad on Facebook and Bandcamp


33. Body 13: Well He'd Keep Pestering Me, and Then I Guess He'd Die, Therefore a Small Victory on My Part (30:00)

from the album #175: Well He'd Keep Pestering Me, and Then I Guess He'd Die, Therefore a Small Victory on My Part

Body 13 on and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


34. Krukh: Бесмысленность (6:37) (Meaninglessness)

from the album Безглуздість! (Absurdity)

Markov Saroka on Bandcamp


35. HWWAUOCH: Not Anything (11:36)

from the album Into the Labyrinth of Consciousness

HWWAUOCH on Bandcamp

Prava Kollektiv (aka ПРАВА КОЛЛЕКТИВ) on Facebook:


36. Lumnos: Primordial Darkness (10:43)

from the album Ancient Shadows of Saturn


37. Lumnos: Shining Mirrors (5:49)

from the album The Heliosphere Singularity

Lumnos on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp


38.  Дом Вдовы (House of Widow) feat. A.T.M.O.M.: Der Rattenkonig (19:28)

from the album Der Rattenkonig

Дом Вдовы (House of Widow) on Facebook, InstagramBandcamp and Youtube


39. The Rosenshoul: Misery Chain (13:28)

from the album Hidden Field

The Rosenshoul on Facebook and Bandcamp

Flowers for Body Snatchers on FacebookYoutube, and Bandcamp

 40. Lee Rosevere: Fall of the House of Usher (12:49)[]

from the soundtrack Fall of the House of Usher

Watch the silent film with the score:

Lee Rosevere on Bandcamp and