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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Jul 2, 2020

Over the years there have been many musicians and bands that have given The Gribshnobler permission to play them on the show, but several of them have yet to be featured.  Well, today that has changed, as those bands/musicians are the main focus of this episode.  After sharing this eclectic batch of music, The Gribshnobler is joined by Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records, who came to chat about the recent Droneuary and April Fields collections, which includes two lengthy tracks with The Gribshnobler himself. Genres featured in this episode: Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Math Rock, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Post-Rock, Experimental, Field Recordings, Metal, Drone, Psychedelic Jam, Cowpunk, and even Country and Rap. Musical projects in this episode include: The Veldt, Monachopsis, M is We, Night Battles, VOLK, Paris Monster, Tim Holehouse, Jitters, Grant Nesmith, Philip James Fox / King Cloud, Jahman Brahman, Psychedelic Butt Stuff, Emotion in General, Steve Strong, Body 13, Xiu Xiu, Small Life Form, Waft, WVRM, Chooka Frood, Fraticornicos, Shifter Drifter, Tristan Welch, Space Sweeper, Field in Stream, and Milkman

Update/Correction: M is We is from Carrboro, NC, not Chapel Hill

Silber Records on bandcampfacebook, and

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Music in this Episode


1. The Veldt: Until You Are (5:43)

from the album The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur (original CD)


2. The Veldt: It Breaks My Heart (4:49)

from the compilation Broken Hearts Broken Sounds


3. The Veldt: Fit to Be Tied (3:36)

from the album Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose

The Veldt on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter


4. MonaChopsis: Two Worlds: and in between (5:27)

from the album Two Worlds: And in between

Monachopsis on Bandcamp, and Facebook


5. M is We: Reknew (3:27)

from the album Ghosts


6. M is We: (reknew) (4:07)

from the album (ghosts)

M is We on BandcampFacebook, Silber Media, and Bandcamp (again)


7. M is We: What You Carry (3:48)

8. Night Battles: Flat On My Back (4:43)

from the split M is We/Night Battles

Night Battles on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram

Broken Sound Tapes on Facebook and Bandcamp


9. Paris Monster: Corning, NY (0:40)

10. Paris Monster: Deathbed Song (5:01)

11. Paris Monster: My Disarming (3:54)

from the album Lamplight

Paris Monster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and

Recommended music video for "The Unclean"


12. VOLK: Land of Toys (3:37)

from the album Average American Band

13. VOLK: Revelator's Bottleneck (5:01)

from the album Boutique Western Swing Compositions

VOLK on Facebook, Bandcamp and


14. Tim Holehouse: Good Morning, Mr. Vampire (1:44)

15. Tim Holehouse: Prince of the Palace (2:03)

from the album Tim Holehouse / Malcolm Tent (Split vol. 4)

Tim Holehouse on Facebook, Bandcamp, and


16. Philip James Fox: Burn You Down (feat. Christian Caglione) (1:34)

17. Philip James Fox: Imagination Station (feat. Scott Michael Saba) (2:42)

from King Cloud's Imagination Station, Musical Episode:

King Cloud Youtube Channel:


18. Grant Nesmith: Every Night (5:21)

19. Grant Nesmith: Never Going Back (3:51)

from the album Between Tides

Grant Nesmith on Facebook and Bandcamp


20. Psychedelic Butt Stuff: Higitus Ferrigitus (4:42)

21. Psychedelic Butt Stuff: Hip Hop Sorcerer (7:19)

from the album Knights of the Down Table


22. Psychedelic Butt Stuff: Buy You Bill E. (4:23)

from the album Midi Comidi

Psychedelic Butt Stuff on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube


23. Jahman Brahman: Bookmark (6:32)

from the album Choose Your Channel


24. Jahman Brahman: A Screw Loose (7:24)

from the album Live @ Dark Star Jubilee 5.24.15

Jahman Brahman on Facebook, Bandcamp and


25. Jitters: Carnivorous Habits (6:33)

from the album Untitled


26. Jitters: Marv's Back (4:04)

from the single Marv's Back

Jitters on Facebook and Bandcamp


27. Emotion in General: Tephra (2:27)

28. Emotion in General: Warehouse (2:48)

from the EP Octopus Rex


29. Emotion in General: Emerald Eyes (4:53)

from the album Live at Finwood

Emotion in General on Facebook and Bandcamp


30. Steve Strong: Life After Post Rock (2:48)

31. Steve Strong: Sensible Skeletons (3:26)

32. Steve Strong: Mirapid (3:59)

from the album Turbo Island

Steve Strong on Facebook and Bandcamp


33. Waft: Shelter From Grace (15:57)

from the single Shelter from Grace

Waft on Facebook and Bandcamp


34. WVRM: Sleep Paralysis (5:10)

from the album Heartache

WVRM on Facebook and Bandcamp


35. CHANGES TO blind: Stage-Plugged Forest (4:39)

CHANGES TO blind on Bandcamp and

36. Small Life Form: Workshop (5:00)

Small Life Form on Facebook and Silber Records

37. Field in Stream: Ruinas Mayas 1 (0:50)

38. Field in Stream: Ciclismo en el Yucatan (1:48)

39. Field in Stream: Ruinas Mayas 2 (0:43)

Field in Stream on Bandcamp

40. Space Sweeper: Bird Songs of the Apocalypse (7:02)

Space Sweeper on Bandcamp

41. Fraticornicos: Demasiado temprano para el disfrute natural (2:18)

Fraticornicos on Facebook and Soundcloud

from the compilation April Fields


42. Fraticornicos: Realidad Paralela de Pasillos Mohosos (2:19)

43. The Gribshnobler: Versatile Solutions for Modern Living (11:22)

The Gribshnobler on BandcampSoundcloudInstagram, and Twitter

44. Chooka Frood: Lacertos Amare (35:14)

45. Xiu Xiu: Never Enuff (4:17)

Xiu Xiu on Facebook, Bandcamp, and

46. Body 13: Venom Mezzanine (6:31)

Body 13 on and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp

47. Shifter Drifter: Into the Arms of Time (2:36)

from the compilation Droneuary 2020


48. Shifter Drifter: Error Areola (4:53)

from the compilation Droneuary 2019


49. Tristan Welch: The Clouds Are Thick And I'm Sick of the Sun (3:37)

Tristan Welch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Bandcamp

50. Milkman: Joe Drone (Long Version) (18:53)

Milkman on Soundcloud

from the compilation Droneuary 2020