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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Aug 31, 2020

The Gribshnobler was so excessive with his last music special, that he ended up with another whole episode just for all the music he couldn't fit in last time.  Most of the tracks are on the lengthier side and tend to fall into the Ambient, Dark Ambient, and/or Drone categories (including more tracks from Droneuary), but you'll also get to hear some Experimental music, Progressive Rock, Funeral Doom Metal, Field Recording, and an acoustic Alan Parson's Project cover, and more.  Bands/Musicians included in this episode: Doors in the Labyrinth, M Is We, Gesara, Rand Kelly, EVQ, ArTe Space, flaub, Trouble Salad, Drown, Body 13, Broken Shoulder, Heavy for the Vintage, litmus0001, 80 lb. Test, and Dreamphonic.

Silber Records on bandcampfacebook, and

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Music in This Episode


1. Doors in the Labyrinth: The Black Rabbit of Inlé II (11:41)

Doors in the Labyrinth on Facebook, Bandcamp, and

2. M Is We: Warm Winters (10:24)

from the compilation Droneuary 2020

M is We on BandcampFacebook, Silber Media, and Bandcamp (again)


3. Gesara: Beware the Mighty Stratotron (17:55)

from the album audio GarpCo World Headquarters 2020 03 09

See it performed on Youtube:

Gary Piazza on -


4. Rand Kelly: Time (Alan Parson's Project Cover) (4:45)

Previously Unreleased

Rand Kelly on Youtube:


5. EVQ: Morphogenesis (5:40)

6. ArTe Space: Alien Forest (7:37)

from the compilation April Fields


7. flaub: The Pray Machine (6:09)

from the album Die Tonality Die

8. flaub: Lemuria (12:57)

from the album Frozen Realities

flaub on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, and


9. Trouble Salad: Communion II: Council of the Deities (20:47)

from the album Conception of the Deities

Trouble Salad on Facebook and Bandcamp


10. Drown: Drowned VII: Father Subaqueous (21:04)

from the album Subaqueous

Markov Saroka on Bandcamp


11. Body 13: Its Fragrance Which Met Him Like an Answering Caress (39:29)

from the album #191: Its Fragrance Which Met Him Like an Answering Caress

Body 13 on and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


12. Broken Shoulder: Greyhound Day (5:29)

Broken Shoulder on FacebookSoundcloud, and Bandcamp

13. Heavy for the Vintage: Climate (16:05)

Heavy for the Vintage on Facebook and Bandcamp

14. litmus0001: From Cloud to Sea (35:57)

litmus0001 on Facebook

Anubis Music on Facebook and

15. 80 lb. Test: Winter Clouds in Winter Trees (16:25)

80 lb. Test on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube

16. Dreamphonic: The Great Beyond (34:29)

Dreamphonic on Facebook and Bandcamp

from the compilation Droneuary 2020

Silber Records on bandcampfacebook, and