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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Feb 28, 2021

Jon Thomson, the mind behind Synthwave and Retro Synth project Ethereal Delusions, joins The Gribshnobler for a lengthy chat and a showcase of his music. Along with solo work, this episode includes tunes from his collaborations with GlitterWølf and DMH MusicWorks, as well as a new track he produced for Hip-Hop artist Marheem.  While much of the discussion covers the topics of music writing and production, we also talk about our current working conditions, What our lives are like during the pandemic, and generally geek out about Animation, Film & TV, Matt Berry & other British comedians, and more.

This episode is dedicated to my favorite jazz musician, Chick Corea.

Ethereal Delusions on BandcampFacebookInstagram, Twitter, and

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Music in This Episode

(all music by Ethereal Delusions unless otherwise noted)


1. On My Own (feat. Danika Faith) (3:51)

from the single On My Own


2. Am I Dreaming? (2:31)

from the EP Karlovsky's Revenge


3. Dominica Maxima (4:34)

from the single Dominica Maxima


4. Bringo (4:15)


5. If You Want to Jam (3:37)

6. Beauty Beyond the Chaos (3:39)

7. Broken Teeth (Ethereal Delusions X KiLoSo) (3:14)

from the album Reformation


8. Wingman (feat. Noah Bernstein) (3:54)

from the single Wingman

Noah Bernstein on Bandcamp

GRAMMIES on Bandcamp


9. Battle Mode: Engaged (3:04)

from the compilation Tronix Defender


10. I Love LA (Randy Newman cover)

from the album Pop Fly


11. Marheem: 9 PM in Corvo (3:27)

Marheem on Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube

Music Video for Peppermint Mocha:

Music Video for Up "Freestyle":


12. Pixel Shards (3:30)

13. Cult of the Machine (feat. Banshee) (3:36)

14. Pluto (4:25)

from the album Reformation

Banshee on Bandcamp

Slutmother on Bandcamp and Bandcamp


15. GlitterWølf: Reflections feat. Ethereal Delusions (5:01)

16. GlitterWølf: Nite Beast (3:37)

17. GlitterWølf: Wolves Never Die (4:47)

from the single Wolves Never Die

GlitterWølf on Bandcamp

18. Ethereal Delusions and DMH MusicWorks: Adrift (7:12)

19. Ethereal Delusions and DMH MusicWorks: Perihelion (4:16)

from the EP Time Crash Asylum


20. I Need You Again (Ethereal Delusions Remix) (original by GlitterWølf)


21. Skyline feat. Maria DeHart (5:29)

22. Winter (Lullaby) (5:11)

from the EP Gravis

Maria DeHart on Bandcamp