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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Apr 30, 2015

Due to my end of the semester business I wanted to put something together fairly quickly, so I decided to showcase some of the great music made by some of the many people and bands I know, many from here in Myrtle Beach and South Carolina in general, as well as some I have contacted online.  The music ranges different genres including rock, gypsy punk, progressive rock, electronica, post-rock, and experimental dark ambient.  Here is a list of the bands and songs as well as related links.

Aidan Connell & The Noonday Parade: Requiem for Love

T. C. Costello: The Earth Shall Not Be Moved/Field Recording From Bear Island


The Gribshnobler: Strange Haberdashery

BandcampTwitterThe GribCast on Facebook

The Hartford Pussies: Thunder Lizard/State Tengo Champion


Body 13: Things You Can't Find in Books/Sometimes My Arms Bend Back

FacebookFire Walk with Me on album inspired by Twin Peaks

Thbpt!! Something Down the Hall, What Fungus Grows, Sleeping in the Arms of Hubert Cumberdale

The Izm: Orbital Motion

John Demarkis: Chicadeebop/Vimana in the Sky

Machines Dream: The Session

Electric Bird Noise: Introduction/Neetruof

FacebookBandcampSilber Records

Body 13: Part 1-Merely a Shell Now/Part 2-Lift Your Legs to the Skies and Just Let Go/Part 3-Ants From Up Here

FacebookLearn How to Float on archive.orgBody 13 on

Silver Screen Orchestra: Glassĕra


Thanks for listening!