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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Dec 12, 2016

In his fifth music special The Gribshnobler shares some lengthy ambient and dark ambient pieces, preceded by some indie rock, dark wave, dark synthpop, and tracks by former member of The Residents Charles Bobuck.  Band and musicians included: The Affectionates, The Envelopes (from right here in Myrtle Beach), Double Echo, FARMACIA, Body 13, litmus0001, Whispers of The Black Wulf, M. Nomized, Electric Bird Noise, Aether Pilot, Morogh, Lee Rosevere, and Bull of Heaven.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bull of Heaven member Clayton Counts.

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Three tracks in this special come from Do What Thou Wilt Records, you can find them on BandcampFacebook, and Youtube.  Check out the preview for Expressionism Noir:


Music and links for this episode


1. The Affectionates: I Pick You (3:45)

From the album What to Build, Who to Destroy

The Affectionates on Bandcamp and Facebook


2 & 3. Charles Bobuck: DEATH (1:25) and SAW (2:46)

from the album Black Tar

4. Charles Bobuck: Trump (2:12)

from the single Trump

Charles Bobuck on Bandcamp and Facebook

Hacienda Bridge Music:


5. The Envelopes: Shadow of a Doubt (3:50)

From the album: Sing Along With.... (listen on Spotify)

The Envelopes on Facebook and Reverbnation


6. Double Echo: Fiction (3:36)

from the compilation Expressionism Noir

Double Echo on Bandcamp and Facebook


7. FARMACIA: Secreto (2:46)

from the compilation Expressionism Noir

and the album La sangre del sol y la luna coagulada

FARMACIA on Bandcamp and Facebook


8. Body 13: Of Thunder and Lightning, of Rain and Wind, of the Galaxies (9:55)

from the album Of Thunder and Lightning, of Rain and Wind, of the Galaxies

Body 13 on Bandcamp, Facebook, and


9. litmus0001: Approaching Conversion (23:54)

from the album Bliss

litmus0001 on Facebook

Anubis Music on Facebook and


10. Whispers of the Black Wulf: Pillars of Creation IV (14:20)

from the album Cosmic Vibrations

Whispers of the Black Wulf on Facebook and Bandcamp


11. M. Nomized: Biomechanic Land (10:22)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

M. Nomized on Facebook, Podomatic, and Bandcamp


12. Electric Bird Noise: Vestibule Transitoire (26:04)

from the album Le Vestibule - Vestibule Transitoire

Electric Bird Noise on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Silber Records

Silber Records on Bandcamp:


13. Aether Pilot: Sector 16 (14:42)

from the album Maps of the Unknown II

Aether Pilot on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Soundcloud


14. Morogh: Six Lies - Nationality, Spirituality, Religion, Woman, Man, Materialism (Thou Shall Burn in Heavens Hell) (6:15)

from the album Ritual Dark Ambient

Ignis Fatum Records on Bandcamp and Facebook


15. Lee Rosevere: Nebula (20:54)

from the album Light Years

Lee Rosevere on Bandcamp and


16. Bull of Heaven: To Sit on the Night of Sadness (48:28)

from the album To Sit on the Night of Sadness

Bull of Heaven on Facebook and