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We Watch Too Many Cartoons #6 - M.A.S.K. - The Deathstone (Pilot)

In this installment of We Watch Too Many Cartoons The Gribshnobler is joined by The Contrarian, Bungle NoFace, and newcomers Flounder Toehead McGee and Bo-Flex.  This is the first of a 5 episode series in which we watch episodes of 1980s (80s, eighties) cartoons.  We start with a commentary for The Contrarian's pick The Deathstone, the pilot for M.A.S.K. (aka Mask).

Watch along with us here:

Buy the complete series on DVD here:

All music is this episode is from M.A.S.K. and composed by Haim Saban & Shuki Levy. You can download the music from here:

Main website is

Stay tuned for episodes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G. I. Joe, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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Part 2 of The Gribshnobler's conversation with the late member of experimental music duo Bull of Heaven.  In this episode we geek out about music and movies, and discuss his phone conversation with Mark Hosler of Negativland, how to start a riot, the likelihood of an apocalypse, his brief appearance in the independent film Plastic Utopia, and his distant relation to Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. I also share two of Bull of Heaven's lengthy rock pieces (with psychedelic, progressive, and noise elements).

You can listen to most of Bull of Heaven's music at and download nearly all of it at and follow them on Facebook here:

Body 13 pays tribute to Bull of Heaven:

Watch the trailer for Plastic Utopia here:

You can see trailers for many of the films discussed (as well as other related videos) in the GribCast Youtube Playlist:

If you're not sure where to start with Bull of Heaven, check out Hakita's comprehensive listening diary and Best Of List

Music in this episode (all by Bull of Heaven)


1. 210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws: excerpt G (played in the background of the intro)

Download here:


2. 122: Drums and Thigh-Bone Trumpets, Skull Timbrels

Download here:


3. 311: Night's Great Perimeter

Download here:


4. 299: Self-Traitor, I Do Bring the Spider Love

download here:

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The Gribshnobler shares part one of his recorded conversation with Clayton Counts, the late member of experimental music duo Bull of Heaven.  In addition to talking about his band and other music, we also talk some about books, serial killers, and other random subjects.  You get to hear some music by Bull of Heaven too.

Listen to most of their music at

Listen to and download Bull of Heaven music here:

This episode is dedicated to the memory of our pet rat Cluny the Scourge.


Music in this Episode (everything by Bull of Heaven)


1. Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws: Excerpt G

(used in the background of intro)

Download here:


2. Roman Numerals: XCVII

download here:


3. Aleph Null: 0538

download here:


4. Objective Contempt, Objective Conscience

Download here:


Other music mentioned in this episode

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In his fifth music special The Gribshnobler shares some lengthy ambient and dark ambient pieces, preceded by some indie rock, dark wave, dark synthpop, and tracks by former member of The Residents Charles Bobuck.  Band and musicians included: The Affectionates, The Envelopes (from right here in Myrtle Beach), Double Echo, FARMACIA, Body 13, litmus0001, Whispers of The Black Wulf, M. Nomized, Electric Bird Noise, Aether Pilot, Morogh, Lee Rosevere, and Bull of Heaven.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bull of Heaven member Clayton Counts.

Here is the gofundme page to support The GribCat's health care:

You can donate and find out more about The Food for Thought charity here:

Three tracks in this special come from Do What Thou Wilt Records, you can find them on BandcampFacebook, and Youtube.  Check out the preview for Expressionism Noir:


Music and links for this episode


1. The Affectionates: I Pick You (3:45)

From the album What to Build, Who to Destroy

The Affectionates on Bandcamp and Facebook


2 & 3. Charles Bobuck: DEATH (1:25) and SAW (2:46)

from the album Black Tar

4. Charles Bobuck: Trump (2:12)

from the single Trump

Charles Bobuck on Bandcamp and Facebook

Hacienda Bridge Music:


5. The Envelopes: Shadow of a Doubt (3:50)

From the album: Sing Along With.... (listen on Spotify)

The Envelopes on Facebook and Reverbnation


6. Double Echo: Fiction (3:36)

from the compilation Expressionism Noir

Double Echo on Bandcamp and Facebook


7. FARMACIA: Secreto (2:46)

from the compilation Expressionism Noir

and the album La sangre del sol y la luna coagulada

FARMACIA on Bandcamp and Facebook


8. Body 13: Of Thunder and Lightning, of Rain and Wind, of the Galaxies (9:55)

from the album Of Thunder and Lightning, of Rain and Wind, of the Galaxies

Body 13 on Bandcamp, Facebook, and


9. litmus0001: Approaching Conversion (23:54)

from the album Bliss

litmus0001 on Facebook

Anubis Music on Facebook and


10. Whispers of the Black Wulf: Pillars of Creation IV (14:20)

from the album Cosmic Vibrations

Whispers of the Black Wulf on Facebook and Bandcamp


11. M. Nomized: Biomechanic Land (10:22)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

M. Nomized on Facebook, Podomatic, and Bandcamp


12. Electric Bird Noise: Vestibule Transitoire (26:04)

from the album Le Vestibule - Vestibule Transitoire

Electric Bird Noise on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Silber Records

Silber Records on Bandcamp:


13. Aether Pilot: Sector 16 (14:42)

from the album Maps of the Unknown II

Aether Pilot on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Soundcloud


14. Morogh: Six Lies - Nationality, Spirituality, Religion, Woman, Man, Materialism (Thou Shall Burn in Heavens Hell) (6:15)

from the album Ritual Dark Ambient

Ignis Fatum Records on Bandcamp and Facebook


15. Lee Rosevere: Nebula (20:54)

from the album Light Years

Lee Rosevere on Bandcamp and


16. Bull of Heaven: To Sit on the Night of Sadness (48:28)

from the album To Sit on the Night of Sadness

Bull of Heaven on Facebook and


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The Gribshnobler and The Great Niccolini are back for the second part of their exploration for everything Monty Python, this time reviewing the second episode of their series Flying Circus.

Note: the conversation was recorded outside, and includes bird singing, The Great Niccolini's dog whimpering, his children making sounds, and other environmental noises.  Happy Thanksgiving all!


The Lumberjack Song - Written by Terry Jones, Michael Palin, & Fred Tomlinson (covered by The Gribshnobler)

Eric the Half a Bee - Written by Eric Idle & John Cleese (covered by The Gribshnobler)

Direct download: Monty_Python_Time_-_Flying_Circus_Episode_2_-_Sex__Violence.mp3
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The Gribshnobler and LadyMsGee discuss the new Nicolas Winding Refn film The Neon Demon.  SPOILER ALERT!!! Many, many spoilers for The Neon Demon as well as a couple for the director's earlier film Valhalla Rising. Also included: songs by M is We and synthwave band Dead Astronauts.

Note: although explicit language is rarely used, this episode does feature discussions of mature themes and events from the film.

M is We is not actually performing in Myrtle Beach this Friday, but rather leader Michael Woods is performing as a member of The Affectionates, also performing are Drewbear & Jordan and the Sphinx. Likewise the event is not at Hurrican Maggies, but at Ron Jon's. Facebook event page here:

The Neon Demon is available to stream through Amazon (at no extra charge for prime members)

Valhalla Rising is available on Netflix Instant

Article by V Renee from No Film School: Nicolas Winding Refn Says This is the Reason He Makes Films with Such High Contrast


Songs in this episode:


1. M is We: Warm Beach

M is We on Bandcamp, Facebook and Silber Media

M is We on Silber Media's website:


2. Dead Astronauts: Unhappy Woman

from Dead Astronauts EP 2.0

Dead Astronauts on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, & Soundcloud

Pre-order the upcoming album Arms of the Night here:


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Happy Halloween listeners! To celebrate this year The Gribshnobler has created another massive music special. After sharing a few moody tunes by some of his friends in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, & North Carolina, he then showcases some of his favorite dark ambient music. Musicians and bands in this episode include: Lunar Kin, Electric Bird Noise, Waft, M is We, Planet Cock, The Harvest, Small Life Form, Attrition, Aether Pilot, Zalys, Beyond Life, Phantasm Nocturnes, Lunar Womb, Body 13, Crowhurst, Дом Вдовы (House of Widow), Coldnight, Cold Womb Descent, Muldeponie, Aureole, and Bull of Heaven (including a snippet of a conversation with member Clayton Counts).

Update 11/02/16: Links for Beyond Life and Phantasm Nocturnes have been added below

Several of the artists showcased are available through Silber Media on bandcamp and their main website:


Music and Links for this episode:


1. Lunar Kin: Phantom Satellite (6:52)

from the upcoming EP Escaping Velocity

Check out Lunar Kin on Facebook and Soundcloud


2. Electric Bird Noise: Moments Like Last Night Make Me Wanna Believe in Ghosts (2:54)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween


3. Electric Bird Noise: thgie ytnewt (3:15)

from the upcoming album The Spider - The Christ Child - The Crow

Electric Bird Noise on Bandcamp and Silber Media


4. Waft: Eternal Sigh (4:57)

from the album Chronolith

Check out Waft on Facebook and Bandcamp


5. M is We: You Can’t Get Back (3:03)

from an upcoming split with Thorn1

Check out M is We on Silber Media and Bandcamp


6. Planet Cock: Haunted House Song (3:11)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween

Check out Planet Cock on Bandcamp


7. The Harvest: Die/Carnival (3:48)

Check out The Harvest on Facebook


8 & 9. Small Life Form: Lost Kisses #8 (4:24) & Lost Kisses – Extras (0:26)

from the album Lost Kisses Soundtrack

Check out Small Life Form and download Lost Kisses from Silber Media

Buy the Lost Kisses DVD here:


10. Attrition: What Shall I Sing? (6:10)

from the compilation Silber Sounds of Halloween

Check out Attrition on Bandcamp


11. Aether Pilot: Sector 8 (3:04)

from the album Maps of the Unknown I


12. Aether Pilot: Cymatic Radioseries (2:29)

from the album Array

Check out Aether Pilot on Facebook, Bandcamp, & Soundcloud


13 & 14. Zalys: The Post Modern Prometheus (X-Files / Mark Snow Cover) (1:51) & JJ’s Diner (X-Files / Mark Snow Cover) (1:49)

from the EP The Haunted Moon


15. Zalys: Lux in Tenebris (8:41)

from the album Lux in Tenebris

Check out Zalys on Facebook and Bandcamp


16. Beyond Life: Murder (3:33)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

Check out Beyond Life on Facebook and Bandcamp


17. Phantasm Nocturnes: Astro Eunuchs (4:33)

from the compilation MECHANICAL SOULS - A Tribute To H. R. GIGER

Check out Do What Thou Wilt Records on Bandcamp

Check out Phantasm Nocturnes on Facebook and Bandcamp

Expressionism Noir on Bandcamp


Preview video for Mechanical Souls on Youtube:


Preview video for Expressionism Noir:


19. Lunar Womb: Through Ages (6:46)

from the album The Sleeping Green

Henri Sorvali on Bandcamp


20. Body 13: Where Fear Is (22:18)

from the album Where Fear Is

Body 13 on Facebook, and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


21. Crowhurst: Fire in the Sky (10:11)

from the album The Lightbearer Returns

Crowhurst on Facebook and Bandcamp


22. Дом Вдовы (House of Widow): Аврелия (unofficial version) part II (14:50)

from the album The Old Winter (compilation)

Дом Вдовы (House of Widow) on Bandcamp


23. Coldnight: Dawn of Forgotten Souls (8:20)

from the album Waterfall of Suicides

Check out Coldnight on Facebook, and the label Depressive Illusion Records


24. Cold Womb Descent: Solace Within the Cold Steel (5:39)

from the album Apocatastasis

Check out Cold Womb Descent on Facebook and Bandcamp


25. Müldeponie: La Traversée Des Âges Pt. I - L'Âge Sombre (Album Version) (8:48)

from the album Through The Shadow War (Part. I)

Müldeponie on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Youtube


27. Aureole: V – Alunar, Decrepit… (10:44)

from the album Alunar

Check Out Aureole on Facebook and Bandcamp

Purchase their split with Mare Cognitum on Vinyl here:


28. Bull of Heaven: Mysterious Signals from Glowing Orbs (28:48)

from the album #076 - Mysterious Signals from Glowing Orbs

Check out Bull of Heaven on

Main website:


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After a recent theatrical screening of Martin Scorsese's classic Taxi Driver, starring Robert DeNiro, LadyMsGee and The Gribshnobler engage in a reappraisal of the film based on their own fresh perspectives.

Do you like seeing classic films on the big screen? Do you have a local cinemark movie theater?  You should follow Fathom events on Facebook.


If you have local Stone theater you may also want to look into Flashback cinema:

You can purchase or rent Taxi Driver from amazon.

Music in this episode:

1. Bernard Herrmann: Taxi Driver - Main Titles

2. Bernard Herrmann: Assassination Attempt/After the Carnage

both tracks are from the Taxi Driver soundtrack, which you can purchase on CD or vinyl from Amazon.

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Join the Gribshnobler as he showcases Atmospheric and Ambient Metal in his first themed music special.  Mostly evolving from black metal (though often also influenced by drone, shoegaze, and post-rock), these subgenres can vary from frightening, to soothing, to emotional, from the introspective to the infinite, and everything in between.  Now The Gribshnobler is sharing some of his favorites with you, including tracks by Skyforest, Annorkoth, Mare Cognitum, Garden of Grief, Moonknight, No Need to Open Your Eyes, Aureole, Coldnight, Sorrow Plagues, and Body 13.

Songs and Links for this Episode:

1 & 2. Skyforest: Swan (5:42) & Reminiscence (7:13)

from the album Unity

Check out Skyforest on Bandcamp and Facebook

You can check out all of the other projects of B.M on Soundcloud and Facebook as well.

3. Annorkoth: The Mysteries of Winter Forest (7:32)

from the compilation Through the Mist: Dark Ambient Gathering available from and Bandcamp

Check out Annorkoth on Facebook and with Depressive Illusion Records

4. Mare Cognitum - Crimson Abyss: NGC 2237 (13:44)

from the split Resonance: Crimson Void available as a Digital and Vinyl release.

Check out Mare Cognitum on Facebook and Bandcamp

5. Garden of Grief: Nebelmond (12:10)

from the album Novembernebel

6. Garden of Grief: End of the Line (20:51)

from the album Endstation

Check out Garden of Grief on Facebook and Bandcamp

7 & 8. Moonknight: The Western Shores (3:05) & With Bright Knives (5:08)

from the album Valinor

Check out Moonknight on Facebook and with Rising Beast

9. No Need to Open Your Eyes: Church of Radiance (11:06)

from the album Church of Radiance

Check out No Need to Open Your Eyes on Facebook and Bandcamp

Also be sure to check out Fall to November Sky

10. Aureole - I: Citadel Alunar (9:55)

from the album Alunar

Check out Aureole on Facebook, Bandcamp, and with Avantgarde Music

11. Coldnight: My Dying Soul (6:13)

From the EP My Dying Soul

12. Coldnight: Moonlight Bleeding Space (6:02)

From the split Collective Suicide in a Cold November Night

Check out Coldnight on Facebook,, and with Depressive Illusion Records

13. Sorrow Plagues: Hiraeth (9:26)

From the split Cellar Door

Check out Sorrow Plagues on Facebook and Bandcamp

14. Garden of Grief: Nebelmond (Black Metal Version) (13:46)

from the album Novembernebel (link above)

15. Body 13: When You're Dead You Might Still Go On Hurting (23:27)

from the album When You're Dead You Might Still Go On Hurting

Check out Body 13 on Facebook, Bandcamp and

Additional Links

Related videos on the GribCast Youtube Playlist start here:

My personal Atmospheric/Ambient Metal Youtube Playlist:

If you want to explore these genres further I highly recommend subscribing to the Youtube Channel Atmospheric Black Metal Albums:

Great ambient metal albums I forgot to mention

Cyg X-1: ...universe, my mind, my heart

En Ulv i Skogen: Northern Moon

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The Gribshnobler, LadyMsGee, and The Contrarian pay tribute to the late  Gene Wilder by discussing The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother and the majority of the rest of the comic actor's career. After the discussion Roman Guzman, host for Roman's World and Raven Radio, shares an endearing story about his dad and Gene Wilder.

Music in this episode:

1. Puttin' On the Ritz - Written by Irving Berlin, performed by Gene Wilder & Peter Boyle - from the film Young Frankenstein

2. The Wondrous Boat Ride - Music by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley, performed by Gene Wilder - from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

3. Pure Imagination - Music & Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley, performed by Gene Wilder - from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


The Gene Wilder videos on the GribCast Youtube Playlist start Here

Roman's World - Progressive Rock, Celtic, & World Music Podcast:

Listen to Roman Guzman and other hosts on Raven Radio:

You can order Gene Wilder's autobiography from Amazon or order the audiobook version through Audible

You can also purchase The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother on Blu-ray from Amazon

The GribCast Facebook Page:

The GribCast Facebook Group:

Follow @Gribshnobler on Twitter:

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The Gribshnobler, The Contrarian, & The Great Niccolini react to a recent viewing of the R-rated, computer animated film, Sausage Party.  Also included are two songs by Myrtle Beach band Sons of Atom.

Notes: this episode has an explicit tag for some language and because of the content of the film discussed, and there are some SPOILERS.  The reaction conversation is a raw recording in the middle of a parking lot, with sounds of cars, helicopters, and amusement park rides (and their riders) included.


Songs in this episode:

Sons of Atom: Dreams of the Past

Sons of Atom: Overreaction

Check out Sons of Atom on Bandcamp and Facebook


Articles Mentioned:

Union Files Complaint On Behalf of "Sausage Party" Artists Over Unpaid Overtime Allegations by Amid Amidi (Cartoon Brew)

The Animators of Sausage Party are Speaking Out About Intolerable Conditions by Katharine Trendacosta (i09)

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The Gribshnobler and LadyMsGee settle down for a lengthy discussion of the acclaimed memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  We also share some ambient music from litmus0001. Note: The initial upload of this episode had the entire discussion muted, the error has been fixed and re-uploaded as of 08/18/2016

Jeannette Walls lecture on The Glass Castle:

Songs in this episode:

1. litmus0001 - Charybdis (from the album Stillorgan Road, available here:

2. litmus0001 - She Used to Take Care of the Kids (from the album Devil's Lake, available here:

litmus0001 on

Litmus0001 on Facebook:

You can purchase The Glass Castle from Amazon.

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Category:Books -- posted at: 12:26am EST

The Gribshnobler is joined by The Great Niccolini to embark on an epic journey to review nearly everything from british comedy group Monty Python.  In this first installment we discuss the very first episode of the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus, Whither Canada.


The Lumberjack Song - Written by Terry Jones, Michael Palin, & Fred Tomlinson (covered by The Gribshnobler)

Eric the Half a Bee - Written by Eric Idle & John Cleese (covered by The Gribshnobler)

Direct download: Monty_Python_Time_-_Flying_Circus_Episode_1_-_Whither_Canada.mp3
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The Gribshnobler is joined this time by Bungle Noface, Jerkman, and Don of the Dead to discuss four different albums by four different artists.  We've Sobered Up by Korean band Say Sue Me, In Extremis by progressive rock band Thinking Plague, Either/Or by songwriter Elliott Smith, and Thank You by Royal Trux.  Sprinkled throughout are songs by Say Sue Me, as well as more Korean rock by 3volt and Bankrupt.

You can see videos related to this podcast here:

Say Sue Me on bandcamp and Facebook

3volt on Twitter and Facebook

The Bankrupts on Facebook

Join the SWAP group on Facebook: Bungle Radio presents The SW♪♫AP (37)

Purchase Either/Or by Elliott Smith from Amazon

Purchase In Extremis by Thinking Plague from Amazon

Purchase Thank You by Royal Trux from Amazon


The Gribshnobler presents a selection of music involving himself and other bands/artists he knows, including some progressive rock, jazz, and dark ambient tracks.  He is also joined by the Contrarian for no good reason, and they both actin' a fool.


Songs and artists included in this episode (with web links)


1. John Demarkis: It's the Future

Buy John's CD on CDBaby

Or get the mp3 version on Amazon


2. The Gribshnobler: Strange Haberdashery (remixed and with drums by John Demarkis)

The Gribshnobler on bandcamp


3. Echo Hazard: Shut Up, Shut Up (The Residents cover with vocals by The Gribshnobler).

Download this track and the rest of the tribute album here: I Only Have Eyes for You on Rate Our Music.

Echo Hazard on bandcamp


4. Family Planning: Squeamish Demeanor

Family Planning on Bandcamp


5. Sub Rosa: Equinox

Sub Rosa on bandcamp

Sub Rosa on Facebook

Sub Rosa Official Website


6. Treyverb: Jesus Overdrive

Treyverb on Bandcamp

Treyverb on Silber media

Silber Media on Bandcamp


7. Body 13: We Are All Drifting Reefwards Now

Download the album on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on

Direct download: GribCast_022_-_Music_Special_no._2.mp3
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