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The Gribshnobler and LadyMsGee settle down for a lengthy discussion of the acclaimed memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  We also share some ambient music from litmus0001. Note: The initial upload of this episode had the entire discussion muted, the error has been fixed and re-uploaded as of 08/18/2016

Jeannette Walls lecture on The Glass Castle:

Songs in this episode:

1. litmus0001 - Charybdis (from the album Stillorgan Road, available here:

2. litmus0001 - She Used to Take Care of the Kids (from the album Devil's Lake, available here:

litmus0001 on

Litmus0001 on Facebook:

You can purchase The Glass Castle from Amazon.

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The Gribshnobler is joined by The Great Niccolini to embark on an epic journey to review nearly everything from british comedy group Monty Python.  In this first installment we discuss the very first episode of the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus, Whither Canada.


The Lumberjack Song - Written by Terry Jones, Michael Palin, & Fred Tomlinson (covered by The Gribshnobler)

Eric the Half a Bee - Written by Eric Idle & John Cleese (covered by The Gribshnobler)

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The Gribshnobler is joined this time by Bungle Noface, Jerkman, and Don of the Dead to discuss four different albums by four different artists.  We've Sobered Up by Korean band Say Sue Me, In Extremis by progressive rock band Thinking Plague, Either/Or by songwriter Elliott Smith, and Thank You by Royal Trux.  Sprinkled throughout are songs by Say Sue Me, as well as more Korean rock by 3volt and Bankrupt.

You can see videos related to this podcast here:

Say Sue Me on bandcamp and Facebook

3volt on Twitter and Facebook

The Bankrupts on Facebook

Join the SWAP group on Facebook: Bungle Radio presents The SW♪♫AP (37)

Purchase Either/Or by Elliott Smith from Amazon

Purchase In Extremis by Thinking Plague from Amazon

Purchase Thank You by Royal Trux from Amazon


The Gribshnobler presents a selection of music involving himself and other bands/artists he knows, including some progressive rock, jazz, and dark ambient tracks.  He is also joined by the Contrarian for no good reason, and they both actin' a fool.


Songs and artists included in this episode (with web links)


1. John Demarkis: It's the Future

Buy John's CD on CDBaby

Or get the mp3 version on Amazon


2. The Gribshnobler: Strange Haberdashery (remixed and with drums by John Demarkis)

The Gribshnobler on bandcamp


3. Echo Hazard: Shut Up, Shut Up (The Residents cover with vocals by The Gribshnobler).

Download this track and the rest of the tribute album here: I Only Have Eyes for You on Rate Our Music.

Echo Hazard on bandcamp


4. Family Planning: Squeamish Demeanor

Family Planning on Bandcamp


5. Sub Rosa: Equinox

Sub Rosa on bandcamp

Sub Rosa on Facebook

Sub Rosa Official Website


6. Treyverb: Jesus Overdrive

Treyverb on Bandcamp

Treyverb on Silber media

Silber Media on Bandcamp


7. Body 13: We Are All Drifting Reefwards Now

Download the album on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on

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I and LadyMsGee went to see the new animated Disney film Zootopia along with her Dad, her niece (Little Miss Lady A) and her nephew (Lance-a-Pants).  Want to know what we thought?  Well, join us as we walk through the mall and talk a bit about it in this short episode.

Songs included

The Gribshnobler: I'm Trying to Lure the Monkey Out of My Head

Little Miss Lady A & The Gribshnobler: Hey Horses

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The GribCast #021 - David Bowie Tribute

It's been a long wait, but the David Bowie tribute is finally done and I am rather proud of the result.  For the bulk of the episode I am joined by LadyMissGee, Scrumbles, and Shannon for a discussion of David Bowie, his work in music and film, and my top 11 favorite Bowie songs.  Also included is a verbal tribute from Roman Guzman (of the Roman's World Progressive Rock podcast), a new experimental piece of music by myself, and a lengthy coda with Bungle No Face discussing some of the celebrity tributes to Bowie and including a reading of "In Memory of My Great Gay Saint" an article by Alex Frank from Pitchfork media, and two of my favorite Bowie Songs.

To accompany this episode I also made an epic Youtube playlist featuring pretty much every single Bowie song, video, and movie clip mentioned in the podcast, plus a few extras, thus providing you hours of listening and viewing pleasure.

Shannon plays drums on this album:

Roman's World - Progressive Rock, Celtic, and World Music Podcast:

"In Memory of My Great Gay Saint" by Alex Frank from Pitchfork Media:

Bungle Radio Present The Swap (Facebook group):

33 1/3: David Bowie's Low by Hugo Wilcken - Available from Amazon and Audible


Drifting Into My Solitude, Deep in Your Room by The Gribshnobler



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Hey everyone, I am putting the finishing touches on the GribCast David Bowie tribute, but if you're getting impatient then you may want to check out this epic Youtube playlist I put together.   It features pretty much every single Bowie song, video, and movie clip mentioned in the podcast, plus a few extras, thus providing you hours of listening and viewing pleasure.

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The Gribshnobler has been going out to the movies again and he wants to share his enthusiasm.  In the first half of this show he and LadyMsGee discuss how they feel about the multiple oscar nominated The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Will Poulter, and directed by Alejandro Inarritu.  In the second half he joins The Contrarian in the ContrariCar to talk about Ben Stiller's Zoolander 2, just released tonight.

SPOILER WARNING: some spoilers for The Revenant, some cameos revealed for Zoolander 2 (although no details are given).

Song is Survivor Type: Inspired by the short story by Stephen King, featuring Charles Matthew Sellers on guitar and Erich Kimball on bass.

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The GribCast #020 - Mad Max: Fury Road (+ Carol Reaction)

The Gribshnobler is joined by LadyMsGee to discuss the critically acclaimed action blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road and its feminist subtext while sharing the many Facebook posts and discussions LadyMsGee had while we were initially watching the film.  As a bonus at the end of the episode we also include our reaction to the new Todd Haynes' film Carol.

WARNING: Although ultimately we have many positive things to say about Mad Max (especially the 2nd half), we are still quite irreverent towards to film and make a lot of jokes at its expense, so if you don't want to hear that you have been warned.

SPOILER WARNING: Many spoilers for both Mad Max: Fury Road and Carol.

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The GribCast #019(B) - Chris Squire: The Remembering Part 2

Part 2 of our tribute to Chris Squire, the recently passed bass player for progressive rock band Yes.  Sadly, due to an error with garageband the entire last quarter of my conversation with musician Rand Kelly was lost.  Nonetheless I do have a remaining portion to share, so you can still hear Rand and I discuss the Yes albums from Going For the One through Big Generator, with special focus on Chris Squire's contributions to each.  Also featuring more songs by John Demarkis

Other albums covered: Relayer, Tormato, and 90125.

Happy New Year everyone! Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.

Check out Rand Kelly's youtube channel:

You can hear and download all of the music of John Demarkis from his website:

Demarkis songs used in this episode: Born Again, Hopeful, One More Dream (with John Marsden)

The GribCast Facebook Group:

The GribCast Facebook Page:

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After announcing his recent graduation The Gribshnobler unveils a pretty much spoiler free recording of him and several friends sharing their initial reactions to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (including LadyMsGee, The Contrarian, Don of the Dead, Bungle Noface and his friend Joe).

I have finally started working on part 2 of my Chris Squire tribute, so stay tuned for that soon.

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We Watch Too Many Cartoons #5 - Regular Show: The Last Laserdisc Player

The Gribshnobler and The Contrarian watch one of their favorite cartoons: Regular Show.  After viewing episode 33 of Season 4, The Last Laserdisc Player, they also reminisce about antiquated movie formats (especially VHS) and their time working at Blockbuster.

My apologies for those still waiting for part 2 of my Chris Squire tribute.  I have been so busy with work and school that I have not yet been able to finish it.  Even this episode has been released unedited so I could get it out quickly.

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In this episode I am joined by musician Rand Kelly to discuss the recently passed Chris Squire, an amazing bass player and major force behind the progressive rock band Yes.  Ultimately we ended up talking about every Yes album ever (though without losing sight of Squire's contributions to each one) and the discussion went on for so long that I had to split the episode into two parts.  In part 1 we go from Yes' self-titled debut, up to Relayer, and top it off with Chris Squire's solo album Fish Out of Water.  Also included is more wonderful music by Squire fan John Demarkis, and a tribute statement from The Musika Family.

New to Chris Squire? Check out this amazing tribute from Roman's World:

Also be sure to check out The Gribshnobler's appearance in this episode:

Chris Squire Tribute Sung by The Musika Family

Get all of John Demarkis' music from

Demarkis Songs included are "Johnny Quest", "Piece of Peace", "Island Hopping", and "Somethings Will Change"

You can subscribe to Progtopia and The Prog Squad through itunes or check them out here:

Here is the early rehearsal version of Turn of The Century.

You can also watch Chris Squire and Steve Howe on The Old Grey Whistle Test: Part 1 and Part 2.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for part 2 of Chris Squire: The Remembering, coming soon.

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We Watch Too Many Cartoons no. 4 - Rock N Wrestling: The Junkyard 500

The Gribshnobler and the Contrarian settle down to watch the first episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wresting, which may be one of the worst cartoons we've ever seen........ok it is, but the Contrarian does get to showcase some of his Professional Wrestling knowledge.

You can watch the show on the WWE network if you have a subscription:

The Junkyard 500 is not available on Youtube, but you can watch another episode that we had watched previously: Ballot Box Boneheads

Also an amusing random live action clip featuring Andre the Giant and some music oddly reminiscent of The Residents: Rock N Wrestling - Live Action Clip #3

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Dusty Rhodes.

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The GribCast #018: Swap no. 1 - Genius, Ghost, & King Crimson

The Gribshnobler & The Contrarian are joined by their friend Bungle for the first Swap episode to discuss three different music albums: Birth Choice Death by South Korean rock band Genius, Opus Eponymous by Swedish metal/hard rock band Ghost, & Red by English progressive rock band King Crimson.  Includes songs from Genius and an interview with producer and bandmember Casey the Jerkman. Stay tuned to the end for outtakes.

You can listen to  or download Genius: Birth Choice Death (as well as their other albums) on Bandcamp:

You can purchase Ghost: Opus Eponymous here from amazon on CD, MP3, or Vinyl (prime members can listen for free).

You can purchase King Crimson: Red here from amazon on CD.

Be sure to check out the new episode of Star Trek Wars featuring The Gribshnobler:

Also be sure to check out Jeremy's other podcasts at

Check out bookbub here and find customized e-book deals.

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