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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Jul 31, 2019

The Gribshnobler finally completes his planned music special, which features some local music from Myrtle Beach, new music by Aggressive Patients and the Gribshnobler himself, a Yes cover and a Frank Zappa cover, an interview with Synthwave musician Full Eclipse, guest appearances from Phil Fox, Michael Wood, and A. J. Rownd, and more.  LadyMsGee joins in for a short conversation about Raven, before we present a musical tribute to the unexpectedly late GribKitten, gone to soon and to whom this episode is dedicated.  The episode is finished off with a generous set of beautiful and emotional Ambient music and Ethereal Pop by Ukraine musician Endless Melancholy.  Other musical genres featured: Indie Rock, progressive rock, experimental, electronic, Acoustic Punk, post-punk, noise rock, improvisation, spoken word, atmospheric black metal, and medieval folk ambient.  Other musicians featured: Lawrence LaRusso, Brian Roessler, Electric Bird Noise, Body 13, Who Ha, Modern Knight, Drowning Steps, Malcolm Tent, BB Gun, Autumn's Kingdom, Edgar Allan Poe / Basil Rathbone, Morgan the Bard, Vangelis, and Steven Wilson.


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Music and Links for this Episode


1. Lawrence LaRusso: Rush Me Down (4:40)

from the debut EP Lawrence LaRusso

Lawrence LaRusso on Facebook and Bandcamp

Music video for Hallelujah:


2. Brian Roessler: Phoenix (4:08)

from the EP Damn the Consequence

Brian Roessler on Facebook, Reverb Nation, and Bandcamp


3. Electric Bird Noise: Steve Strong III (3:29)

4. Electric Bird Noise: Hearn-Robert III (3:56)

from the album Hearn-Roberts-Strong-Watts

Electric Bird Noise on BandcampFacebookYoutube, and Silber Records

Silber Records on Facebook, Bandcamp, and


5. Body 13: The Most Common Configuration is to Have Two Panels (1:48)

from the album #025: The Comedy of Repetition

Body 13 on and Bandcamp

Echo Hazard on Bandcamp


6. The Gribshnobler: Gominima (4:26)

from the album Stuck in the Midi with You

The Gribshnobler on BandcampSoundcloudInstagram, and Twitter


7. Sonic Elements: Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (Alternate Mix) (Yes cover) (featuring Leslie Hunt, Billy Sherwood, Fernando Perdomo & John Demarkis) (6:43)

from the album Yesterday and Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes

CD available from Amazon

Sonic Elements on Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Youtube

John Demarkis on BandcampSoundcloud and Youtube

Purchase the album Imagine That on CDBaby and Amazon


8. Who Ha: End of Line (1982) & Retransmission (Legacy) (3:14)

from the album Grid Knights 


9. Who Ha: Synthwave Belongs In A Museum (5:04)

from the EP Synthwave Belongs In A Museum


10. Who Ha: Gominima 1.2 (Gribshnobler cover) (4:22)

Previously Unreleased


11. Modern Knight: Pop Fly (4:32)

from the album Pop Fly

Retro Promenade on FacebookBandcampSoundcloud (includes the Time Slap Podcast), Youtube, and Twitter 

Who Ha & Modern Knight on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Twitter


12. Drowning Steps: A Perfect Day to Cry, pt. 1 (6:21)

13. Drowning Steps: Morning Prelude (1:40)

14. Drowning Steps: A Perfect Day to Cry, pt. 2 (7:29)

from the album The Comfort of an Endless Pain

Drowning Steps on Bandcamp, Instagram, Youtube, & Facebook


15. Malcolm Tent: Turn Off Your Radio (The Essentials Cover) (2:08)

16. Malcolm Tent: Hungry Freaks Daddy (Frank Zappa cover, w/The Gribshnobler) (2:55)

Previously Unreleased, recorded live at Brian Lea McKenzie's Spiritual Center for the Creative and Sonically Inspired in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 10/14/2018


17. BB Gun: August (Introductory) (2:23)

18. BB Gun: A Reasonable Dream (1:53)

19. BB Gun: In a Hell/Inside the Shell (7:32)

From the album August

Malcolm Tent on Bandcamp

The Mt Field Unit Podcast:

TPOS Records on FacebookdiscogsBandcamp and


20. Aggressive Patients: Mind Your Own Business (Delta 5 cover) (2:19)

21. Aggressive Patients: Generation Medicated (2:41)

22. Aggressive Patients: Rice Cake Girl (2:15)

from the EP Aggressive Patients/Aggressive Patience


23. Aggressive Patients: My Friend, The Heroin Addict (Spoken word and improv, with Malcolm Tent) (9:20)

Previously Unreleased, recorded live at Brian Lea McKenzie's Spiritual Center for the Creative and Sonically Inspired in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 10/14/2018

Aggressive Patients on FacebookSoundcloud, and Spotify

Broken Sound Tapes on Facebook and Bandcamp


24. Full Eclipse: Coming Into View (4:50)

25. Full Eclipse: Torn Apart (Body and Mind) (5:46)

26. Full Eclipse: Faces (5:33)

from the album Expo 2


27. Full Eclipse: Clocktowers (5:42)

28. Full Eclipse: In the Flood (7:06)

from the album Former Selves

Full Eclipse on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

Current and Future Synthaid compilations can be found here: and here:


29. Autumn's Kingdom: Raven's Call (5:44)

from the EP Demo 1


30. Autumn's Kingdom: Into the Woods (2:20)

31. Autumn's Kingdom: As a Lonely Raven (8:59)

from the album Autumn's Kingdom

Autumn's Kingdom on Facebook

Also available on iTunes


32. Edgar Allan Poe/Basil Rathbone: The Raven (8:22)

from the audiobook The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection

Available on CD from Amazon and digitally from Audible


33. The Gribshnobler: I Perso La Corva (15:08)

from the upcoming Silber Records compilation August Fields

The Gribshnobler on BandcampSoundcloudInstagram, and Twitter

Silber Records on Facebook, Bandcamp, and


34. Morgan the Bard: The Ravens (1:24)

from the album Lost in Time

Also available: Morgan the Bard Demos


35. Vangelis/Rutger Hauer: Tears in Rain (3:02)

from the album Blade Runner - Music From The Original Soundtrack

Vangelis on Facebook and


36. Steven Wilson: The Raven That Refused to Sing (7:57)

from the album The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

Steven Wilson on Facebook and


37. Endless Melancholy: The Emergence (3:22)

38. Endless Melancholy: Genius Loci (4:37)

from the album In The Shadow Of History

Original score for the documentary 'Ostroh: In the Shadow of History


39. Endless Melancholy: One Day You Will Be Free (feat. BILYK) (4:50)

from the single One Day You Will Be Free

Music Video:


40. Endless Melancholy: Yet Another Reason To Be Still (8:16)

from the album Radiant


41. Endless Melancholy: Carpe Diem (6:12)

from the EP Before, After


42. Endless Melancholy: You and Me (feat. BILYK) (4:16)

from the single You and Me

Music Video:

Endless Melancholy on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp

BILYK on Facebook and Soundcloud