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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Mar 31, 2016

The Gribshnobler presents a selection of music involving himself and other bands/artists he knows, including some progressive rock, jazz, and dark ambient tracks.  He is also joined by the Contrarian for no good reason, and they both actin' a fool.


Songs and artists included in this episode (with web links)


1. John Demarkis: It's the Future

Buy John's CD on CDBaby

Or get the mp3 version on Amazon


2. The Gribshnobler: Strange Haberdashery (remixed and with drums by John Demarkis)

The Gribshnobler on bandcamp


3. Echo Hazard: Shut Up, Shut Up (The Residents cover with vocals by The Gribshnobler).

Download this track and the rest of the tribute album here: I Only Have Eyes for You on Rate Our Music.

Echo Hazard on bandcamp


4. Family Planning: Squeamish Demeanor

Family Planning on Bandcamp


5. Sub Rosa: Equinox

Sub Rosa on bandcamp

Sub Rosa on Facebook

Sub Rosa Official Website


6. Treyverb: Jesus Overdrive

Treyverb on Bandcamp

Treyverb on Silber media

Silber Media on Bandcamp


7. Body 13: We Are All Drifting Reefwards Now

Download the album on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on Bandcamp:

Body 13 on

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