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Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Sep 16, 2016

Join the Gribshnobler as he showcases Atmospheric and Ambient Metal in his first themed music special.  Mostly evolving from black metal (though often also influenced by drone, shoegaze, and post-rock), these subgenres can vary from frightening, to soothing, to emotional, from the introspective to the infinite, and everything in between.  Now The Gribshnobler is sharing some of his favorites with you, including tracks by Skyforest, Annorkoth, Mare Cognitum, Garden of Grief, Moonknight, No Need to Open Your Eyes, Aureole, Coldnight, Sorrow Plagues, and Body 13.

Songs and Links for this Episode:

1 & 2. Skyforest: Swan (5:42) & Reminiscence (7:13)

from the album Unity

Check out Skyforest on Bandcamp and Facebook

You can check out all of the other projects of B.M on Soundcloud and Facebook as well.

3. Annorkoth: The Mysteries of Winter Forest (7:32)

from the compilation Through the Mist: Dark Ambient Gathering available from and Bandcamp

Check out Annorkoth on Facebook and with Depressive Illusion Records

4. Mare Cognitum - Crimson Abyss: NGC 2237 (13:44)

from the split Resonance: Crimson Void available as a Digital and Vinyl release.

Check out Mare Cognitum on Facebook and Bandcamp

5. Garden of Grief: Nebelmond (12:10)

from the album Novembernebel

6. Garden of Grief: End of the Line (20:51)

from the album Endstation

Check out Garden of Grief on Facebook and Bandcamp

7 & 8. Moonknight: The Western Shores (3:05) & With Bright Knives (5:08)

from the album Valinor

Check out Moonknight on Facebook and with Rising Beast

9. No Need to Open Your Eyes: Church of Radiance (11:06)

from the album Church of Radiance

Check out No Need to Open Your Eyes on Facebook and Bandcamp

Also be sure to check out Fall to November Sky

10. Aureole - I: Citadel Alunar (9:55)

from the album Alunar

Check out Aureole on Facebook, Bandcamp, and with Avantgarde Music

11. Coldnight: My Dying Soul (6:13)

From the EP My Dying Soul

12. Coldnight: Moonlight Bleeding Space (6:02)

From the split Collective Suicide in a Cold November Night

Check out Coldnight on Facebook,, and with Depressive Illusion Records

13. Sorrow Plagues: Hiraeth (9:26)

From the split Cellar Door

Check out Sorrow Plagues on Facebook and Bandcamp

14. Garden of Grief: Nebelmond (Black Metal Version) (13:46)

from the album Novembernebel (link above)

15. Body 13: When You're Dead You Might Still Go On Hurting (23:27)

from the album When You're Dead You Might Still Go On Hurting

Check out Body 13 on Facebook, Bandcamp and

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