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The GribCast

Join the Gribshnobler as he and his friends geek out about movies, music, books, animation, and whatever else they feel like, supplemented with music by himself and others.

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Jan 26, 2017

Part 2 of The Gribshnobler's conversation with the late member of experimental music duo Bull of Heaven.  In this episode we geek out about music and movies, and discuss his phone conversation with Mark Hosler of Negativland, how to start a riot, the likelihood of an apocalypse, his brief appearance in the independent film Plastic Utopia, and his distant relation to Mike Nesmith of the Monkees. I also share two of Bull of Heaven's lengthy rock pieces (with psychedelic, progressive, and noise elements).

You can listen to most of Bull of Heaven's music at and download nearly all of it at and follow them on Facebook here:

Body 13 pays tribute to Bull of Heaven:

Watch the trailer for Plastic Utopia here:

You can see trailers for many of the films discussed (as well as other related videos) in the GribCast Youtube Playlist:

If you're not sure where to start with Bull of Heaven, check out Hakita's comprehensive listening diary and Best Of List

Music in this episode (all by Bull of Heaven)


1. 210: Like a Wall in Which an Insect Lives and Gnaws: excerpt G (played in the background of the intro)

Download here:


2. 122: Drums and Thigh-Bone Trumpets, Skull Timbrels

Download here:


3. 311: Night's Great Perimeter

Download here:


4. 299: Self-Traitor, I Do Bring the Spider Love

download here: